Two New Combo Drugs Help Blood Sugar Control for Type 2s

by Juan Pablo Frias, MD Achieving glucose goals is a critical part of overall diabetes management. The better the glucose control the lower the risk of long-term complications . Taking two or more glucose-lowering medications is usually needed in people with type 2 diabetes to achieve normal or near

Medicare announces coverage criteria for Dexcom G5, but blocks use of smartphones?

Coming sooner than expected, Medicare recently clarified coverage criteria for the Dexcom G5, paving the way for Medicare to reimburse for people with both Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes requiring intensive insulin dosing to use the Dexcom G5 mobile. Dexcom and the diabetes community heralded the exciting news, as the lack of CGM coverage for Medicare patients had previously been a glaring oversight. Dr. Steven Edelman, founder of TCOYD, often joked about this, saying, "Good news! According to Medicare, Type 1 diabetes is cured when you turn 65!" Despite the good feelings all around, a closer look at the Medicare document includes some concerning language that might forbid users to take advantage of one of the most useful features of the Dexcom G5: the ability to view sugars on your smartphone or smartwatch.