A Debate: Pumps vs. Daily Injections

he conclusion of this debate will be that it comes down to personal choice, but Dr. Edelman will be battling it out with Dr. Irl, his type 1 brother. Expect a lively exchange of information on the pros and cons for each form of therapy. It is important to know this is a real debate that will make you think about your choices for how to control your type 1.

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Insulin Pumps: All You Need to Know

If you are new to a pump or want to hear about new pump options, this is where you need to be.  We will talk about the advantages of pump therapy and most importantly how to get the right pump for you.  We will also touch on how much (if anything) can a pump be expected to lower your A1c and what a pump can do in regards to helping you with hypos.

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The Latest and Greatest in Insulin Pumps and Sensor Technology

With so many choices for insulin delivery out there these days, how do you know which one is right for you? Type 1 Coach Carla Cox (PhD, CDE, RD, FAAD, CPT) shares insights on some of the top options.

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